Tips to Choose a Good eCommerce Platform for your Small Business

Entrepreneurs trying to do business online have to choose a good eCommerce platform for their small business. Even though these platforms have some things in common, the fact is that they also have unique features. If you are not sure which eCommerce platform you should select, read these tips.

What kind of products/services will you sell online?

There are many things that you can sell over the Internet. For instance, you can sell digital products, physical products (big or small), services etc. On top of that, the number of products you are selling and where you will store them and how you will manage delivery and shipping are some other important questions that you must answer. Additionally, don’t forget that certain products like adult products and alcohol are a little bit difficult to sell online. Check the locals laws before selecting an eCommerce platform.

Where will your online store be hosted?

The majority of these platforms have their own web hosting services. So, if you already have a website that you want to turn into an eCommerce platform, you must be sure that you can conduct a simple transition without any issues. If you are brand new in the world of eCommerce, check the packages these platforms have in their offer. Select a hosting plan that matches the size of your business.

Check the design

Almost every eCommerce platform today is offering a wide range of templates and themes. However, if your online store is focused on some specific product, you should take these themes into consideration. Will you be able to customize the theme? Are there any themes that match your industry?

Integration opportunities

Running an online business is a complex activity. Although popular eCommerce platforms have many different features that can ease this task, it is highly recommended to opt for a platform that allows easy integration with third-party applications. It would be great if you can use other software tools, plugins, and add-ons.

Payment methods

Finally, think about the payment methods allowed by the eCommerce platform you are interested in. Obviously, your online business must accept popular credit and debit cards like MasterCard or Visa, but it would be best if there are some alternative payment methods available to the customers. These methods include Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, electronic payment platforms like PayPal and Skrill and direct bank transfers.

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